Boston Regional Inorganic Colloquium

NaCl structure
Inorganic chemists from the Boston area* meet quarterly to share results and discuss science. The typical format of a Colloquium is four invited talks that represent the broad interests of inorganic chemists and an open poster session.

*With meetings hosted by UNH and UConn, the "Boston region" has expanded to all of New England.   
heme protein
Up coming BRIC events
BRIC-41 at MIT (organized by Alex Radosevich) , October 29, 2016

Other events
2017 Bruker / MIT Symposium (info)

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Schedules from recent colloquia

BRIC-40 at UNH (organized by Roy Planalp), May 7, 2016
BRIC-39 at Clark University (organized by Mark Turnbull), February 27, 2016
BRIC-38 at A. A. Martinos Center

The (mostly) complete list of BRIC speakers


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BRIC participating chemistry department seminar/colloquia schedules

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BRIC meetings are free and open to the community through the generous support of our sponsors

LC Technology Solutions, Inc.
MBraun USA

Sigma-Aldrich Strem Chemicals, Inc.

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