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VAGUE advocates the use of free (as in freedom), open source, unix and GNU/Linux systems and software. The collective serves as a resource for the community; including beginners, professionals and other enthusiasts. More about VAGUE

News and Events

The group typically meets monthly and on occasion has special events and presentations. Events are free and open to the public. They are announced on this Web site and on the group's mailing list.

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Table of contents

  • About VAGUE - The history and focus of the group
  • Discussion Forums - Details on joining the IRC channel and the mailing list.
  • Event History - Historical meetings and other events
  • Future events - Proposals for future meeting times, venues and agendas and their permutations.
  • Future topics - List of possible topics and formats for meetings and other events.
  • Meeting Organization - How to organize a meeting.
  • Outreach - Notes and strategies for growing the group.
  • Projects - Coordination of volunteer work on tasks both internal and external to the group.
  • People - Information about members of the group.
  • Related links - Hyperlinks to relevant and local information
  • Jobs - Area employment opportunties that are relevant to the group.
  • Services - Services available from Vermont companies that support unix, GNU/Linux and other free software.


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