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Mission Statement

We, Vaguers, are enthused about the benefits and growth free and open source software primarily with GNU/Linux, but also with other unix and non-unix platforms. Internally, we wish to strengthen and support our members both in professional and personal endeavors. Externally, we wish to share and extend our knowledge and skills, lending ourselves as resources to our community both geek and non-geek alike.


The first meetings of Vague occurred in the Spring of 2002. At that time, a reinvigoration of a few local groups were in motion -- including the Vermont Small Linux Users Group (SLUG-VT) and the Burlington Area Linux Users Group (BALUG). The first combined meeting took place at Saint Michael's College.

The initial meetings were attended by a motley group with mixed interests and backgrounds. Near the end of one of the early meetings held at UVM, a brainstorming session chose "VAGUE" for a new name to best represent the current participants and to build the future membership. The literal phrase, "Vermont Area Group of Unix Enthusiasts", satisfying the initials of the acronym was chosen only later.

The early group had monthly meetings featuring tutorials and presentations on specific technologies and question and answer sessions called "stump the chump". A mailing list and Web site were begun to communicate and document the group's activities. Attempts were even made to meet with other groups including members of Novell Netware and Microsoft Windows NT user groups.

After a hiatus of a few years, the group was reinvigorated to offer a forum for sharing experiences between members and an organization that is an advocate and resource to the community for Unix and GNU/Linux systems. The mailing list continues to serve as a help forum by providing contact to a collection of diverse and talented minds.

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