Vermont Geological Society
Green Mountain Geologist Archive of Past Issues

2019 | Winter/Spring—Summary of Winter VGS Meeting, Focus on Water Quality and Quantity Challenges in the Mad River Valley, and Student Presentations | Summer/Fall—2019 NEIGC Meeting account and photographs

2018 | Winter/Spring—Student Presentations | Summer/Fall—Landslides of Washington County, VT (VGS Summer Field Trip) and combined New England Intercollegiate Geological Conference (NEIGC)—New York State Geological Association (NYSGA) Meeting in Lake George, NY

2017 | Winter/Spring—Dave Westerman Retirement and Student Presentations | Summer/Fall—Bruce Selleck Remembrance

2016 | Winter/Spring—Ray Coish Retirement and Student Presentations | Summer/Fall—Structural Variability Along and Across the Taconic-Acadian Margin in Central Vermont

2015 | Winter—Issue in Honor of Laurence Becker upon his Retirement as State Geologist | Spring—Students Presentations | Summer/Fall |

2014 | Winter—Glacial Geology of the Pico Peak Quadrangle | Spring—Student Presentations | Summer—Rocks, Dirt and Plants: A Natural History of the Bristol Waterworks | Fall—Unusual Sedimentary Sequences from a Dynamic Ice Sheet, Great Brook and Honey Brook, North-central Vermont

2013 | Winter | Spring—Student Presentations | Summer | Fall—Allen Hunt Remembrance; Cruise on Lake Champlain near Thompson's Point on the R/V David Folger

2012 | Winter—Bedrock Geologic Map of Vermont Published | Spring—Student Presentations | Summer—Rocks, Dirt, and Plants: Integrating Geology and Plant Ecology | Fall—Cavendish Gorge, Vermont

2011 | Winter—Keynote speaker Robert DeConto | Spring—Student Presentations | (No Summer Issue) | Fall

2010 | Winter—Geologic Controls on Rver Systems in the Northeastern US | Spring—Student Presentations | Summer—Bedrock Control of Surficial Deposits and Groundwater Issues in Part of the Knox Mountain Granite Pluton, Northeastern Vermont | Fall—Election of Executive Committee

2009 | Winter—Fracture Characterization Mapping in Bedrock: How Useful is It? | Spring—Student Presentations | Summer—Geology Hike in Smugglers’ Notch, Vermont | Fall—Election of Executive Committee

2008 | Winter—Professional Presentations | Spring—Student Presentations | Summer—Integration of Bedrock and Surficial Geology in the Town of Williston, Vermont. Crossword puzzle solution | Fall—Exploring the Role of Magma Batch Size on Emplacement Styles, Craftsbury to Northfield, Vermont

2007 | Winter—Professional Presentations | Spring—Student Presentations | Summer—Aquifers of Woodstock, Vermont and Mesozoic Dike in Quechee Gorge, Vermont | Fall—An Overview of the Bedrock Geology between Middlebury Village and Middlebury Gap, Vermont

2006 | Winter—Professional Presentations | Spring—Student Presentations | Summer—The Stanbridge Nappe in Vermont: A Reappraisal of its Allochthonous Nature, Highgate Falls Gorge, Highgate Center, Vermont | Fall—Glacial Geology of Northern Vermont: Waterville, Belvidere, and Eden

2005 | Winter—Professional Presentations & Forensic Geology Laboratory Exercise | Spring—Student Presentations | (No Summer Issue) | Fall—Highgate Falls Gorge Field Trip cancelled due to high water

2004: Winter—Professional Presentations | Spring—Student Presentations | (No Summer Issue) | Fall—Surficial Geology of the Middlebury River Basin, Vermont

2003: Winter—Professional Presentations | Spring—Student Presentations | (No Summer Issue) | Fall—Pomfret Dome area, Vermont

2002: Winter—Professional Presentations & Varve Chronology Workshop | Spring—Student Presentations | Summer—Mt. Independence State Historic Site, Orwell, Vermont | Fall—Book List

2001: Winter—Professional Presentations | Spring—Student Presentations | Summer/Fall—Field Trip to Great Brook, Plainfield, Vermont and Tour of OMYA

2000: Winter Issue only—no meeting | Spring—Student Presentations | Summer—Field Trip to CRREL and Elizabeth Mine | Fall—Glacial Geology of the Jeffersonville Quadrangle and Adjacent Areas

1999: Winter—Combined Meeting of Student and Professional Presentations | Spring—Student Presentations | (No Summer Issue) | Fall—Symposium on Surficial Mapping and NEIGC

1998: Winter—Professional Presentations | Spring—Student Presentations | Summer/Fall—Celebrating Earth Science Week

1997: Winter—Professional Presentations | Spring—Student Presentations | Summer/Fall—NEIGC Meeting

1996: Winter—Rock and Mineral Industries of Vermont | Spring—Student Presentations | Summer—Bedrock Geology of the pre-Silurian Cover Sequence in the Rochester Quadrangle and Vicinity | Fall—Surficial Geology and Groundwater Studies (Underhill, Bolton, Richmond, Huntington, Stowe)

1995: Winter—A System Dynamics Workshop with Rolfe Stanley | Spring—Student Presentations | Summer/Fall—A Central Vermont Quarry Tour (Rock of Ages Quarry and Antique Verde Quarry)

1994: Winter—Tour of CRREL, Hanover, New Hampshire | Spring—Student Presentations | Summer—Depositional Environments in the Mid-Ordovician Section at Crown Point, New York | Fall—Cretaceous Intrusions in the Rutland Area